WhatsApp Business Guide

for home bakers and food outlets

WhatsApp is the most important medium of customer communication for you.

Quickly learn new ways to use WhatsApp Business App for your home-baking, home-cooking or small food business.

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😍 Easy & delightful way to learn to use WhatsApp Business for home-baking/ cooking business.

πŸ”₯ Learn New Features like Catalog, Using Labels, Quick Replies, and more.

⌚️ No need to waste hours on YouTube; learn in minutes with the guide.

πŸͺ Made keeping in mind small scale food business specifically

πŸ“’ 50+ pages of advice!

"This looks amazing. Its informative, to the point where it should be & has descriptions where needed. Illustrations are very helpful for both android & iOS. Even when I knew about things, it teaches more. Gives an idea what you should ideally do."

- Navya, Baker from Gurgaon

"It is really well done. I'm glad you didn't make it like a boring old document full of words. This makes it super easy to understand what you are trying to convey and highlights all the important information. "

- Roshini, Baker from Bangalore


Standard Price Rs 499/-

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some of the guides we are considering working on

  • Google My Business / Google Maps Guide

  • Instagram: Tips to Improve your Profile

  • How to Advertise on Instagram

  • Facebook Pages Guide

  • How to build a Simple Website/ Portfolio

  • Setting up Online Store

  • What you need to Sell Online Workshops

for the following types of professionals & businesses

  • Creators: Artists/ Designers/ Photographers

  • Home Based Business: Bakers/ Chefs, Boutiques

  • Service Businesses: Salons, Restaurants,

  • Retail Businesses: Grocery/ Garments/ Lifestyle Stores

  • Travel Businesses: Hotels, Tour Agencies

  • Workshops/ Teachers / Tutors

WhatsApp Business Guide

Get this if, you:

  • want to save your time ⌚️

  • handle lots of inquiries fast πŸ“Š

  • want to make it easy to get orders 🧑

  • want to send offers/promotions quickly 🏷

  • want to collect payments on whatsapp πŸ’³

Topics Covered

  • Why WhatsApp Business: Benefits

  • Building Business Profile

  • Reply Faster to Customers

  • Create your Product Catalogue in Whatsapp

  • Learn how to Categorise your Customers

  • Learn to Send Automatic Replies

  • Send Marketing Broadcast Messages easily

  • Sharing Techniques & Tips: QR Code & WhatsApp Link

  • Linking WhatsApp with Instagram & Facebook

  • Also, Learn to Collect Money using Payment Link 🎁


Standard Price Rs 499/-

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about webport

Webport wants to enable small businesses going online.

Post-COVID world, every business will be a digital business.

This going digital could mean different things to different businesses. For some it could be getting on whatsapp to accept orders. And to others, it could be starting a full-blown online ecommerce store.

We also know that not everyone are comfortable learning & using technology. And thus they struggle with adopting technology & digital marketing for their businesses.

We are trying to change this. We have a belief. That using technology & digital marketing for business is not difficult to learn. And we are making an attempt to make this learning easy, simple and affordable for ALL.

Our Credentials:

We understand small businesses needs well.We understand technology & digital platforms capabilities.We focus on outcome; since that is what is important to a business owner.We are digital / online / internet marketing professionals.We have built successful internet business with annual million dollar revenue. In travel domain.We have been already helping a lot of small businesses with marketing for 14+ years.
If you wish to contact us, we are on inbox @ or click on the button below to whatsapp us.

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